ServicesHong Anh Medical Campus, a British healthcare eco-system is being developed in Vietnam

A medical research and training centre

Medical research and training centre: Our aim is to research the latest medical technology, train and educate medical staff focusing on five disciplines including doctors, nurses, imaging technicians, telemedicine technicians, and hospital managers/administrators predominantly. We are planning to train our people continuously under the British standards. This will provide for the Vietnamese market and for our own operations. The aim is for all our trainees to be initially trained and educated on our campus in Vietnam; This to be followed by further training and work placement, with salary in the UK.

A network of GP clinics, homecare system and pharmacies

We are establishing a network of 30 family doctors (GP) clinics, a homecare system and pharmacies across Ho Chi Minh City using the British model that has been modified to suit the Vietnamese system.

Senior living/nursing homes, a rehabilitation centre

Step down facilities and nursing homes for the elderly, and people with special needs, such as cancer patients, dementia patients and the disabled, in the short, medium and long term. At the same time, we will provide high-tech accommodation with modern medical equipment, and a full range of healthcare services.

A World Class Hospital

A world-class 400 bed hospital as a medical centre providing high quality healthcare with state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment. The hospital will be managed and operated by medical professionals with extensive experience and knowledge, trained to the British standards. We operate under the mission: “Always Caring Professionally". This is to be supported by a smart hospital management system.

Hong Anh Foundation

We are interested in helping regions affected by floods and typhoons in Vietnam to have a better infrastructure, school and shelter, to combat poverty and diseases. 

Hong Anh Foundation is the centre of all the charity activities for Hong Anh Medical Campus.

Our key moments



Hong Anh Medical Campus was established by Hong Anh International Hospital Co. Ltd.


Launched the Hong Anh Medical Campus project and signed MOUs/Agreements with our partners


Recruiting trainees for the "learn, earn and return" 2 year programme in London began

2022 onwards

Setting up a network of GP clinics and pharmacy, retirement village, nursing home, stepdown facilities and hospital