• August 12, 2022
  • honganhadmin
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On the 28th April 2021, at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Can Tho UMP), Real Capital London, the investor of Hong Anh Medical Campus (HAMC) Project, a state of the art healthcare eco-system which is being developed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam announced the partnership with Hue UMP and introduce the “learn, earn and return” training program to the medical students, nurse students and young medical professionals. British Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and Healthcare UK/DIT attended the event in person. British universities, healthcare providers joined virtually.

HAMC’s development comprises a medical training and research centre, a rehabilitation centre with step-down facilities, senior living/nursing homes, a world class hospital and a network of clinics and pharmacies. All these facilities are being developed under the British standards.

The medical training and research centre will provide training for all levels of medical professionals including the recruitment of students with the highest potential throughout Vietnam. HAMC will deploy the training program in both Vietnam and UK. Trainees will be recruited, trained partly in Vietnam then further trained (Learn) and experienced working in the UK healthcare facilities where they will be paid (Earn), then returned to work on the Hong Anh Medical Campus (Return).

The world-class hospital with a research and training facility, and a network of clinics and pharmacies operated under British standards will be deployed to facilitate trainees’ return to work, and dedicated to Vietnamese and expats in Ho Chi Minh city and across Vietnam.

Vietnam has become a lower middle income country where aging population is rapidly increasing. The HAMC’s nursing home and senior living quarters providing support to the aging population with special medical needs will be developed. The rehabilitation centre with step down facilities will enable a speedy recovery for patients, post treatment or on demand.

RCL and HAMC are committing to provide an environment which is Continuously Caring in a Professional manner for all of residents in Vietnam.

Similar to many other countries in the world, high quality healthcare workforce in Vietnam is seriously lacking. We have identified the need of human capital required for the HAMC’s project to be successful, hence we have focused our resources on training a suitable workforce in the first instance as the first phase of the project, the most important one.